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The Brand BAÉRI was created by the sisters Adi and Mor Baeri.

The brand produces luxury evening wear, which combines class, quality, uniqueness and comfort.

Adi is responsible for the administrative aspect, and Mor, is the fashion designer, a graduate of the NB Haifa, School of design (Wizo).

BAÉRI Studio is a brand which consists of worldwide trends while placing an emphasis on the female body, flattering cuts with a touch of trendy trends.

The brand strives to enable women at all ages to dress in a fashionable, chic and stylish manner.

BAÉRI's clients are fashionistas and unique clients who know about fashion.

The designs in the collection combine comfort and glam. Every design is different and has a different expression.

The entire production is domestic and takes place in a private workshop.

The fabrics are imported exclusively from Europe.

In the studio, there is an emphasis on the slightest details which initially make the difference, while the production is tailored to the precise size for each and every client.


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